TRD Breeders

The first litter at 6 weeks, born on May 19th, 1994.

The first litter of TRD at 3 months.


The American Thai Ridgeback Asssociation was first created in 1995 by Jack Sterling in San Francisco, CA. The idea of ATRA was to keep a record of all the TRD litters born in America or and imports that were brought into America back then. Since very few people got involved in the breeding of the TRD in America during the 1990's ATRA remained as the only true registry of the TRD. Since then more TRD have been bred, bought and sold all across America by a number of people now. As soon as more people want to help support ATRA in promoting the breed by registering all their future litters both in Thailand as well as in America, we will be able to list all the names of all the approved ATRA breeders. In 2010, Jack Sterling gave his entire breeding stock and kennel grounds to his long time and working partner Miss Jeab Chobngan. She alone is the current driving force behind the TRD being exported worldwide. 

Watch for this list to keep growing..

Topking TRD



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