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Hello all TRD owners and fanciers:

I get hundreds of emails every year from people who are curious about how they to can obtain a STERLING TRD for their very own from the number one TRD breeder here in the states or how to get a TRD direct from Thailand. Ten years ago the TRD was very popular in Thailand. When I discovered this breed in Bangkok, a decade ago, I really thought a lot of people back in America would also fall in love with them as I did. I bought the first three TRD in the BLUE colour as I really though that would be what everyone will fall madly in love with. I was right! To this day the BLUE TRD is still the number one seller in the states over the other colours. But the NEW SUPER REDS of STERLING TRD are fast becoming what the BLUES were ten years ago.

In that ten year period only a few people have decided to become breeders and in most cases they only did it once or twice and then quit. Most all you will find in this breed is the occasional pet owner having one or two litters. The Thai Ridgeback Dog is a very BIG issue back in their home of Thailand. (Thailand's land mass is about the size of the great state of Texas or that European country they call... France...the French were the first white foreigners to arrive in Thailand many centuries ago.. thus the Thai call all of the white foreigners FRANG or FALONG after the first French) Many Europeans also saw the beauty of the TRD a decade ago and also imported many TRD into many different European countries.

The Thai economy took a nose dive back in 1997 and this affected everyone in Thailand, as well as the TRD breed. Many breeders could not keep so many dogs and just dropped out of sight from all the Bangkok dog shows and from the breeding business. Today, a lot of new Thai people have gotten back involved with the TRD as they can see by the many people on the INTERNET who are claiming to be TRD breeders worldwide. The real TRUE TRD breeders are people like KHUN SOMKIT of Chanataburi, Thailand who has been in the breeding business of TRD for over 60 years. Now, in her mid 80's she is still the BEST in Thailand. Many of her dogs are in the homes and breeding kennels of hundreds of people in Thailand and around the world. She has always told me RED is the colour and forget the hybrid BLUES.. I did listen to her in 2000 and got my three SUPER REDS directly from her top breedings(SUPER REDS is the name I gave the very dark coloured red TRD in 1999. The name "TRD" was also my idea in 1994 for this breed.)There are many excellent TRD breeders in Thailand now and the prices are just going up and up due to the cost of breeding and the constant demand for good dogs here in America and Europe. It will be at least 20-30 more years before the TRD is as well known as the Chinese Shar-Pei or the Dobermann, Rottweiler,or German Shepherd dog (GSD) or that they will be apart of the AKC rank and file. ATRA will continue to be the registry of choice here in America for the TRD. (As TRAC is in Canada.)

If you are a very serious person who wants only the very best in quality in this breed, I suggest you go live in Thailand for about 3 months and then you will find that perfect TRD. If you just want a pet and cannot afford such a venture, I would suggest you can search the net to find someone who is MAYBE a real TRD breeder and buy from them when you can find one.... OR you call me here in Los Angeles, CA at 818-364-1467 and place your "order" for a future STERLING TRD puppy or let me find the type of quality that you require back in Thailand.

My plans of moving there to live this summer have been postponed due to my parents health and I need to care for them. I will be going over soon in a short trip to buy a few TRD puppies for a few people. If you are serious now for a TRD puppy or want to wait for my next STERLING TRD litter of SUPER REDS, don't wait as some did and missed out on these really fantastic SUPER RED puppies from my 12th litter whelped on New Years day the year. Contact any of the owners from my STERLING TRD owners list and they will tell you what they got... You can always bet you will get a great dog from any of my future STERLING TRD breedings... and WIN in the ring!!

All the Best, Jack Sterling and all the STERLING TRD


Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 12:14:25 -0600 

thanks for the wonderful internet site with the great pictures. My husband and I have visited it many times. We are very interested in acquiring a blue-silver Thai ridgeback pup (female) to add to our family and would be very grateful if you could help us out. We currently have 2 dogs, a rhodesian ridgeback (3 yrs) and a black and tan coonhound (2 yrs). Our ridgeback has recently been diagnosed with a form of bone cancer and wont be with us much longer. We are looking for a new dog that will be a good role model and companion for our coonhound. We have loved the ridgeback personality with its sensitive and loyal nature, and intelligence as a discriminating watchdog. My husband works at home and our dogs go everywhere with us. We prefer the female nature and would be looking for a dog with a muscular build and well defined ridge.

We live in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) and would be happy to travel anywhere in the states to pick up a puppy. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keith and Donna Rose
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6H 2Y5


Subject: TRD
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 19:30:14 EDT

did you ever receive the pictures I sent you. I also sent them to Stacey and I know she received it. Linda has never called me back.

Our TRD is doing great. We decided to keep him. He is the most intelligent dog I have ever seen.

If you never received the pictures I will send them again. I also will
have some updated pictures of my TRD I will send.




From: "Sarah Houseman" <
To: <
Subject: Arrival of our new puppy!
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 13:29:20 -0500

Hello Jack,

Thank you for the beautiful puppy. He arrived yesterday (still not certain of a name, we are thinking either Gunner or Jabez). Jon and I drove for two and a half hours in the driving rain, and blinding lightening. Upon arrival to the airport we were told that the flight had been delayed due to weather. Once the puppy arrived all of the above did not matter. He was tired and cold and so happy to plaster me with wet kisses! At that point I was convinced he was a keeper. The drive home was so cool due to him just falling asleep and relaxing after his journey. He snores very loudly may I add!

When we arrived home he started to investigate the house a bit. The very first thing he found was a set of sliding glass doors. He immediately let the other dog (his reflection) know that he was now the boss of the house. Jon and I laughed so hard.

Anyway, he made it 'home' safe and sound and is going to be a welcomed delight to our house hold.

Thank you so much for everything!



Date:March 2003

Thought I'd send this pic. It is one of my favorites. He is with his buddy/cousin Casey (my parent's 11 year old lab). I think the two have interesting expressions on their faces. Trajan was always pestering him for a while in the beginning because he wanted to play. Unfortunately, when Trajan met Casey, Casey just went through surgery and couldn't really jump around in addition to him being a senior dog anyway.

The other pic, I thought you would get a kick out of. He is wearing the new high-tech soft Elizabethan collar (he had hurt his paw and the vet didn't want him to lick it) - those collars are great - they don't even notice them and they can play and do things as they normally would do. They even work as a pillow to sleep on. Luckily though, he didn't have to wear it long. Trajan has been really good about not licking his wounds too much - even when he was neutered, he didn't lick the stitches - that was a relief.

Do Thai Ridgebacks ever swim? I take him near a river here and there are other dogs playing there on the grass, as well as swimming. He wants to go in the water, but won't. He watches the other dogs jump in and fetch
toys and he seems agitated that he can't/won't follow them. I suspect when the water gets warmer, he will take the plunge. He did start jumping in another very shallow part of the river (which is EXTREMELY muddy) . It took him awhile to get his dainty little feet wet - but he did it - and boy was he proud - he spent the next 20 minutes jumping in and out of the water like a maniac.

So while he hasn't yet attempted even wading in the water, he has become a retriever. Trajan LOVES to play fetch with tennis balls, though often he likes to turn it into a CHASE game, especially when he steals other dogs' toys - a thing he loves to do. At home, I am supposed to throw the squeak toys down the hall, so he can run and get them. Loads of fun.

stacey feldman



From: "Adrian Shaw" <
To: <
Subject: Thai ridgeback puppies
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 15:41:31 -0800

Dear Jack,
Hi. My Name Is Adrian Shaw and I live in Long Beach, CA. I
am in the process of buying a home right now and that means getting a
dog. I've checked through most of all the different breeds and I really
like the Thai Ridgeback. The fact that there is little to no shedding
really appeals to me. I've been to the ATRA web site and have read all
about this beautiful dog. I was wondering if I could ask you a few
questions. First would be how many puppies will you be expecting to
have toward the end of March beggining of April? Do I have to reserve
one? How much are they? that sort of thing. If you could give me a
quick reply back that would be great. Thanks for your time,


From James and Tracy Hernandez, dated 02/05/2003

Dear Jack,

Please find enclosed a check for the shipping of the two dogs as well as an extra tip for your time. Tracy and I are very happy with the dogs you sent us. The female is dominating Lil' SAKORN right now. Hopefully this will change. SAKORN is a little darker than i expected, but he is beautiful and we love him.

Even though I got impatient and very uneasy at times. I can't complain now considering within 1 1/2 to 2 weeks I recieved TWO beautiful dogs.

I appreciate your efforts to get us the two dogs, but it was realistically the best way due to geographics. Everything worked out great despite the few obstacles we both incurred. I would gladly recommend your service to anyone and would certainly call you again if we pursue another TRD.

Through all the difficulties, you came through for me in the end and that's what is important to me. Thanks again for everything and for getting us these two great dogs.

James Hernandez CEO


Just had to send you this shot from the other day. I really love this dog. He is so smart too. You really make great dogs.

Shane Vaughn


From: Doug Ferrin []
Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 1:38 PM
Subject: Thair ridgeback dog

I spoke with Jack Sterling last night, and he recommended that I ask you how you like the dog you bought from him. Tell me about the characteristics of this breed, how it compares with other breeds you have had, and the things you like the best and the things you like the least about the breed. This would include temperament, barking, friendliness, over-friendliness, ability to be trained, inability or ability to endure separation from its master, etc.

Thank you,--- Doug Ferrin

DATE: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 13:40:16
From: "Shane Vaughn" <>
To: <>


I'll be happy to help any way I can to figure out if the TRD is the right breed for you. I know I looked at about 300 breeds before I settled on this one. It can be a real task.

One of the main reasons I chose the TRD was the breed history. Dalmations, Setters, and most of the common recognized breeds have severe inbreeding problems from puppy mills. I wanted a registered dog just because I've never had one. I'm used to hounds and my Labrador, but they've all been "just dogs". After a lot of research I figured my best bet was to select the best breeder I could find of a truly rare breed -one that hasn't yet been popularized by a Disney movie or other fad.. I looked at probably every rare Molosser breed in the world, and during the search found reference to the TRD.

Just as a sideline I looked them up. They're one of the prettiest breeds I've ever seen. I talked to one breeder who didn't impress me much, though they spoke highly of the dogs. Then I got to talk to Jack. He's a long-winded SOB, but he told me what I wanted to know. There wasn't a single question he couldn't answer. After talking to him for a couple of hours I was convinced he was the right breeder. Over the following week I decided this was also the right breed.

Giger has been one of the best dogs I've ever had, and that's saying something. I live a few miles out of town with several acres of woods. There's a fence along the road in front of the house, but the rest of the property isn't fenced. When I'm home during the day, Giger and the lab are pretty much outside all the time. Giger likes to investigate, but he's never run off. He's pushing six months now and he knows his place in the world. If I call him, he comes running. He's a good watchdog.

I'm in the unique position of taking my dogs to work with me every day. That means I have little experience with them being separated from me. I do leave them home alone (in the house) from time to time if I'm not going to be gone long. Giger has never caused a problem in that situation. He fusses a bit, then settles down to sleep.

He's a pretty high energy dog, but no more than any other puppy I've ever had. This breed seems to have claws much like a Chow. They're located high on the toe, so they don't scrape the ground during normal walking. That means they stay razor sharp. He plays rougher than many dogs of similar size/age. I've never had a dog leave so many whelps on my arms from playing. His jaws are very strong -I didn't understand from the pictures I saw on the web, but these are extremely powerful dogs. His puppy teeth were brutal, but he's lost those now. If he started playing too hard with me, I just bit him on the ear lightly and he got the message. At three months he found and ate a small turtle in the yard. He cracked it open and ate the chewy bits and brought me the broken shell. That might give you an idea of the power in his jaws.

He's a very clean dog, and not afraid of water. He'll walk into the shower with sometimes just to see what's going on, and he's stepped out into the pond but the water's very cold this time of year. I have yet to give him a real bath because his coat just stays so clean. He has very dense fur beneath the outer coat, which can make ticks difficult to remove. I've been waiting for him to hit 6 months before putting flea/tick drops on him.

He is extremely loving. He likes to lick, which is a new experience for me. None of my hounds or my lab have been lickers. He can be skittish around strangers, but once he gets to know you (about 30 seconds), he's extremely friendly. He jumps up on people for attention, which can be a problem with his claws -he could damage fine clothes. I'm working on that.

He learns commands quickly. He already knows Down, Stay, Come, and Get The Hell Off Me. I can't remember the last time he got in the trash or pulled something off the kitchen counter. I haven't been training him formally yet, but that's starting now. He's the only dog I've ever owned that never once left a pile in the house. He only peed a few times in the house.

He slept in a cage the first couple of weeks I had him, but after I was sure he wouldn't get in the trash during the night I let him start sleeping on the bed. He sleeps through the night almost without exception. Rarely he'll need to go pee, and he'll fidget and whimper until I wake up and let him out. He snores louder than I do sometimes. His snoring has woken me up a few times. Fortunately you can roll him over and he'll quit.

I think the warnings about socialization are well founded. He's around people all day every day. He's with my lab 24/7, and I get him around other dogs whenever possible. He was worse about being scared of people or other dogs when he was very young. Now he takes up with anyone right away. He'll walk right up to strays in the yard, but if my lab starts to get in a fight with a stray, Giger will come running to get me as fast as he can and yelping like he's on fire. It's like he wants me to know Finn needs help.

I honestly can't say enough good about this dog. They're loving and affectionate. They have the most expressive faces I've ever seen on a dog. I would worry about owning one if I knew he were going to spend a lot of time alone, or if I didn't have time to get him around people. I might worry that he could play too rough early on with kids (although his play is considerably more gentle now).

Giger still likes to chew. I'm trying to get him to understand that toys are things I give him rather than whatever's handy. He's not nearly as bad a chewer as other dogs I've had.

Hope that tells you at least some of what you want to know. I'll be happy to answer any other questions or help any other way I can.


Jan 5, 2003

Hello Mr. Jack Sterling,

I already have a pair of Rhodesian Ridgebacks,and just found out about the Thai ridgebacks. I am interested in obtaining one or two, but they must be either super-red or blue-silver. I was wondering if you could send me some information on your dogs. I think I saw on your website that you were having some super-red puppies this week,are any still available? Thanks, Carla Stewart
Hello Carla, Go see the puppies on my website at There you will see the puppies you missed out on... I will repeat this breeding again as the puppies were so damn AWESOME! Everyone one of the TRD owners of all STERLING TRD are totally in love with they puppies. I am accepting deposits now on this upcoming litter of SUPER REDS... Don't miss out again as this will be her 2nd breeding, litter #13 and I will not breed her again for at least a year to 18 months. The next breeding after that will be is a year from now with my SUPER DARK RED male Ch RED BO-DANG and a POL from litter #11 GAWKAI. Now that will be something to wait for...

All the Best, Jack Sterling




DATE: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 11:16:32
From: "Shane Vaughn" <>
To: <>

Just a quick update. I could not be happier with Giger. Well, I might be happier if he were declawed. He's just about testicle-height when he jumps up on me and with those vicious needles he gets my attention quick. He's learning more all the time. He still has a tendency to drift off in his own world when he's out in the yard, but eventually he notices me yelling for him and comes running home. He's very affectionate with everyone. He's curious and alert, but not destructive or disruptive. All in all he's just damn-near perfect. He's still growing like he's on steroids. I'm going to have to buy him a new collar today. This collar's maxed out at about 15 inches and it's a bit snug on him now.
Anyway, I guess congratulations are in order if you're going to be a dad again in January. Keep up the good work. -shane.

DATE: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 20:26:37
To: <>

Thank you Jack for your attention to my emails. We(my husband and I) have no intention of giving up our TRD(Dori). She is a love of a dog and after training and constant reinforcement she has been approved by the parents of our grandchildren...which is saying alot!!

Your story of the breed almost matches the SharPei. We have had several and paid thousands of dollars for them..(.the breed in general were overbred, not temperament tested, had terrible immune mediated diseases and untimately died at an early age.)

We lost two of these wonderful animals at about 4 to 6 years of age...and they are a difficult breed also. The third one is still alive and now 12 years old. So we decided to join the Sharpei rescue. We have one that is lab/sharpei mix...she is okay...and now we have Dori...we have her because someone at the dog pound said she was real sweet and did not want to put her down. So they called the rescue, thinking she was a Shar pei of some sort, and then the rescue called us because we are known to adopt problem dogs. We are now at capacity, but are always looking...We have fallen in love with the breed even tho we had never heard of it. I would like at sometime in the future to meet more of the breed, since only knowing one is not good enough.

Thank you again for your time and expertise...and I will send you a better picture by snail mail.

Susan Neiburger

DATE: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 08:35:39
From: "gonetropo" <>

Hello, my name is Anthony Blennerhassett and I have a dilemma. We rescued a Thai Ridgeback from a local pet store in San Diego, someone had abandoned a litter of puppies in a near by park and Petco took them in and adopted them out. She was spayed by Petco so she cannot be used for breeding purposes. We got her at nine weeks old and now she is a year old. She has been trained with love and positive reinforcement and is a beautiful healthy one year old dog. When we decided to adopt her we had a very old golden retriever and a pug. Had we known what kind of dog she was we may have decided against getting her because of the pug. I made an error in judgement one day and left them in my car with the pug unrestrained and she bit him and hit an eye, needless to say we had to have the eye removed and he is now healing. We are terrified of the other eye getting damaged even accidentally by Daisy and don't know how we would handle it. We are also moving in a few months to a place where the dogs will be quarrantined for 30 days and I am concerned that she may become aggressive in that time and not be the same dog when we get her back. Until this happened with the eye the dogs had not had a scrap in months and actually were very friendly towards eachother since he is a male. I feel that it is inevitable that there will be another episode. I love both of my dogs intensely and the thought of giving one up is very uncomfortable. We have a house with a big yard right now but we may be moving into a condo with no yard. The only way I could see myself giving up Daisy is to a home where she would be treated with respect and was able to be free and loved, I could not see her living in a kennel as a trophy dog. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have always thought of myself as a person that would never give up a dog but if my pug is killed I don't know if I could feel the same way about Daisy even if it is an accident. Thank you for your attention to this matter. My email is Tony.

DATE: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 17:39:46
From: "CWR Riedel" <>
To: <>

Dear Jack,
My name is Charles. I live in Orlando Florida, and I am interested some info on Thai Ridgeback puppies. What is the availability? I understand that these dogs are rare and that availability is extremely limited. What is the best way to go about purchasing one? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Charles

DATE: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 00:03:49
From: Jeff

Hi there, I hope you can help me out. I have a TRD that I am in desperate need of finding another good home for. I recently go married and found that the now 4 year old female TRD I have is extremely jealous of my wife. We have tried everything we can to modify her behavior toward my wife with little or no effect. We are planning to have children soon and have just had several babies come into our lives (due to friends, relatives, etc., having babies) I cannot trust the dog around my wife and I certainly cannot trust her around children either. I have tried to reach both the breeder and the man I actually got the puppy from and have met with some difficulty. I do not want to give her to a pound due to her special needs. The breeder was Kathy Hughes of Georgia and the man who actually sold the puppies for her was Mick Latimer of New Jersey. I have tried emails to Mick and cannot reach him. I left a message on his home phone and received no call back. Kathy actually answered a few emails and offered to take the dog back to help retrain and relocate her, but she has not answered an email in the last month now. I do not know if something bad has happened to her or to Mick and I hope that is not the case. I know that Kathy was having some medical problems a while back. Anyway. If you can help in anyway I would appreciate it. I live in Connecticut but I am willing to drive the dog any where on the East Coast and would consider anywhere else if necessary to find her a good home. She is a very loving and affectionate dog most of the time, but she needs to be, in my opinion, in a single male household. A female would probably be fine as long as she bonds with her, but definitely a one person home with no children. A warm dry climate would be beneficial as well as she hates the cold and rain. Once again any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Coventry, CT


See what happens when you buy cheap from a backyard breeder who really knows nothing of the animals their are breeding...There are many such stories from people who are not right for this breed as this breed is not right for them... Be careful who you buy your TRD from and ask them how long have they been involved with this breed as well as how long have they been breeding dogs in general and to back up what they tell you in writing...ATB. Jack Sterling

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002 15:48:17 Shane Vaughn wrote:

I've never lost so much blood from a puppy. Nor have I ever had as much fun doing so. This guy's teeth are killing me, but he's a blast. It's progressed to the point now that clients are making me bring him out with me. I don't think any have broken something just to so I'll come out, but they all tell me to be sure to bring him in when I come. There are dozens of people on a familiar basis with this guy now.
He just goes prancing down the halls and into offices, looking for pretzels or whatever else he can find. I haven't weighed him in a week but I think he's 26 or 27 pounds now. He's growing very fast. -shane.

Hello Shane,

Keep up the good work in the writing of emails about your boy. Stacey will be adding your text soon to the "comments" section at the HoS website for all to read and get a chuckle over. All six people are very pleased with their selections of the 10 TRD that I had available this past fall. I still have 3 more TRD for sale which are one BLUE male, two red TRD, one boy and one girl. I also have a pair of Thai Bangkaew as well for sale to the right person. Keep the emails and fotos flowing in to me and Stacey.

Thanks again for loving my boy!

Jack Sterling


DATE: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 11:34:13
From: <>
To: <>

Everything's still going well. Giger is doing great. He's over 20 pounds now. He can drink from the toilet but he can't quite get up on the bed. He spent yesterday afternoon running all over the woods behind the house with me and the lab. He never strayed too far away. People are amazed that I don't have him on a leash. I need to spend some time with him on a leash just so he'll learn about them, but he's not showing any predilection for running off. He ate a turtle yesterday, which is something I've never seen a dog do. He found a small turtle (couple of inches) in the woods and cracked it right open. He brought me the crushed shell.
I'm going to see about getting him tattooed next week. Everywhere he goes he's cooed over like mad. Many of my clients now ask me to bring him in when I come by because he's so cute and playful. It just supports my theory that we'd all be more productive and happier if we could bring our pets to work with us. Anyway, thought you'd like to know that things are going swimmingly. I'll send you some more pictures as soon as I find the charger for my camera.

DATE: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 15:08:48

Hi there!

for starters its just me that wants one as a 100% pet for now. It would be great to try and establish the breed over here but i dont know many people that even know what a TRD is, let alone wanting to own a pup. which is definatly not a good starting point for a new breed. at least u have been honest with me, and seriously i thank you!! i truly dont blame you for trusting no-one, it seems you have been lied to and decieved by people you thought were honest about their intentions with your dogs, I can assure you i wouldnt do that. I would love to purchase a dog from america, thailand or europe but will have to move to one of the countries for a couple of years to avoid quarantine (as i said, i dont agree with our stupid quarantine laws) by having pet passports, even though this may seem insane to you i am thinking about that very seriously! dogs are a huge part of my life and i have looked into this breed alot. i am fully aware of their temperament and to be honest i really cant wait to have a TRD by my side, they seem to me like my ideal breed! i currently have a South African BoerBoel and 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks so i wont be attempting to move for a few years yet, not till my boys and girl have gone!

You mention other breeders talking badly of you, i think that must happen just about everywhere (i have experienced that first hand!) Once again i thank you for your advice and beleive me i will follow it! at least i know not to make the mistake of buying a TRD from england!. no doubt i will be contacting u again when the time comes for me to start my little mission!
Thanks again
Yours Jodie
London, England


Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 11:22:13 -0800

I just wanted to say that you have some of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. Until I happened upon your website I had never heard of the TRD. I am truly impressed. I can't tell you how amazing those dogs are, beautiful, simply beautiful. I'm sure they are ten times as wonderful in personality, but you probably already know that.

My husband and I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I am supposed to go today to rescue a Dutch Shepherd. Someday we would like to add a TRD to our family but it will be a while.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that you have an excellent website, very educational. It is quite obvious even from the pictures that you raise happy and healthy dogs and that you truly care about the breed. We hope
to someday share that pleasure.

Keep the pictures coming. We love to check your site and see how your
" kids" are doing.
Samantha Eaton
Cartersville, Georgia

Subject: Re: Thai Ridgeback
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 13:47:31 EDT

Hi Jack.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly a few days ago. I was away for a while so I didn't get a chance to get back to you. Yes, I am serious as well as anxious to get a TRD. I did check out your web site which proved to be extremely helpful. That is where I learned most about this breed. My Rottweiler passed away last week and I wanted to get something different and unique. After looking at many breeds I kept coming back to the TRD which certainly possesses those qualities and more. I soon learned that they were not so easy to get and after falling in love with this breed I, of course, wanted one as soon as possible. One individual I contacted was in Thailand who said he had show quality pups available, choice of sex/color and would include shipping cost for $1350 but I felt very uncomfortable about having a puppy shipped on such a long flight.

I got in touch with a guy in IA, whom I'm sure you know, who has puppies ready to go in Nov. so hopefully I'll have my blue male TRD next month.
I can't wait to hear "the question."
Thanks again,

Great news For sure! The only reason for my breeding 7 litters in 7 years was to tell and show all people about this Thai Ridgeback Dog breed and also about the crooked ways of John Sebasino Capanetto. Finally, after seven long years, he might have been stopped by you folks. All mention of him will be aired on my web site for years to come. I hope we never have to deal with people like John Caponetto and his partner in New Jersey, Thomas "Mick" Michael Latimer. These two guys were the worst thing that could have happened to this breed. I hope only the "right" people now start to mend the damaged cause by these two guys. There are still several people who have started into the TRD world but I hope they are not going down the same path as these two guys did. God Bless all four of you pet owners in your fight to rid the dog world of these people. Now I can really enjoy my pets and hope the new people in this breed will do the right thing!

ATB. Jack Sterling

Subject: Update on Caponetto
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001

Jack, More news...

According to one of the dog owners involved in the Caponetto case, they went to court to see what would happen.  Apparently, John's lawyer did not show and he changed his plea.  A new trial will be held in Sept.  Here is the scoop.....

"channel 8 was there with the camera crew......the next thing we heard was someone telling channel 8 that John's lawyer couldn't make it, but that he had withdrawn John's plea of not guilty, and we are now going to trial on Sept. 6 at 1:30......."

Also, not sure if you are aware but.....

Caponetto was told he could not advertise in Dog Fancy magazine anymore.  Well... he placed an ad on the sly as follows:

CANE CORSO KENNEL DISPERSAL--Puppies and young adults, out of Italian import. FCI registered.  Stock all colors. (352) 568-2322.  e-mail

I checked and this is John # and email.   

Dog fancy says:

"Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2001 10:54 AM

Subject: RE: Update on case????

John is banned from all magazines. Perhaps his ad in DF was placed on the "sly". I will check on that and I thank you for the tip. However I believe we have responded with due diligence to this issue and I would hope your future comments would reflect that. In no way are we assisting a crook...but ads are placed or attempted to be placed in many different ways every month. Since I have personally handled this particular matter, I must say Gary that I am somewhat personally offended by your implication.

Lastly, according to someone who called John based on the ad, his dogs are already spoken for.  Sounds like he is selling them all to the same person and closing shop.  He said something about judging and showing only."

Well... trial is Sept. 6th ... and I will keep you posted.


Hi Jack,

According to the state investigator, Caponetto plead not guilty, therefore he will go to trial in August. As for standing up to him, we worked on this for well over a year and all the while did so publicly online.  No one but the original 4 people came forward with horror stories. I think many were pissed off about John Caponetto's terrible way he deals dogs, but were not willing to do anything about it.

Anyhow, I couldn't let him continue to perpetuate problems by breeding willy-nilly just for the money. Mr. Gary Mountain's dog of Northern California not only had severe mange, but also severe vaginitis, which required a removal of her reproductive parts. Therefore, she can not be bred and that is what he paid for - breedable quality.  Also, the last I heard, his dog has bad hip problems that will require surgery. Debbie's dog is skittish and had skin mange and the vaginitis issue, but not as serious. My Cane Corso male has had severe mange and cannot be bred as well. He also had an ear problem that came back several times and has a hernia as well. What kind of breeder would send animals out like this to new owners AND CHARGE $1,500+ FOR THEM? I TOO CROSS MY FINGERS THAT THE STATE WILL DO THE RIGHT THING AND PREVENT HIM FROM BREEDING, AS WELL AS FINE HIM AT THE MAX... THROW HIM IN JAIL FOR A WHILE.  Maybe he'll think about his actions then.

But I really doubt it. Just think of the people who bought from him, fell in love with their dogs and now have sickness and defects to deal with. He just doesn't give a shit. Tell all the people you can about this terrible man John Caponetto of Blanch-o Kennels in Bushnell, Florida.

I'll keep you posted as I expect to hear from the state as I am the only one he sold to that has an invalid health cert. that was forged by himself.  I am sure they will need the real thing in court.

Thanks for your support...

(Name withheld upon request)

Subject: Update on Caponetto
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001


Not sure if you remember me but I am one of the many dissatisfied customers who purchased a dog from John Caponetto of Blanch-o Kennels. Just thought I would pass along what I think is great news...

With the help of several other "owners" who purchased dogs from John Caponetto, he was arrested by the Florida Dept. of Agriculture. Caponetto was handcuffed and arrested June 19th, 2001, on 4 misdemeanor charges including, but not limited to, failure to provide health certificates with the sale of dog/cat, which is required by law. He also got bagged for not keeping any records for at least one year and for providing fraudulent certificates (i.e. bogus paperwork) when shipping dogs out of state. His arraignment was this week and we have yet to hear from the state investigator as to whether he settled or will go to trial. I am so glad that what goes around comes around and this guy finally got slapped.

A now happy customer of this evil man......
(name withheld by request)

Subject: WWPSA Show
Date: Sun, 8 July 2001

Hi Jack,

I didn't know you were so close to me. I am also in the Westwood area and work for the SPCA-LA. I have been telling everyone about your beautiful canine companions. I hope to one day be able to give a TRD a happy home and family/human pack to live with. I also think I saw you in the distance at the WWPSA show in Anaheim this weekend. Anyway keep up the good work.

Eric Akaba

Subject: Mr. Big
Date: Sun, 24 June 2001

Hi Jack, it's Dori Ganan, in Chicago. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I was just looking at your website and was not expecting to read the news about Mr. Big. I am glad I had the chance to meet him at the WWPSA Trade Show last year in Long Beach. I remember he was playing with his havaball and Poo-Nee was trying to get it away from him. My thoughts are with you.


Subject: Mr. Big
Date: Fri, 22 June 2001

Hi Jack,

It's Beau. I am sorry to hear about Mr.Big. I have not been to your site for a while, and I obviously just learned the news. Congrats on your new TRD though.

Suay is doing very well. I will send you pictures as soon as they are digitized, we only have about 500. Everyone calls her "Catdog". She just has a way about her. Anyway, hope to speak with you soon. All the best.


Subject: Gingy
Date: Sat, 19 June 2001


Hi Jack!!!!

This is Yafit, Doug is in Portland for the week, and I was at a friend's house on the weekend. I came back and was very happy to hear that you came to see your parent on father day, very, very good.

I am sorry we were away, and we couldn't meet, but I hope it isn't the last time you will come. Gingy is doing great, she is so so beautiful and smart. Take a look.

I have taken a lot of pictures of Gingy lately, but in a regular camera, so I will send it sometime when I have time to scan them from work, because we don't have a scanner at home.

We will talk later, I am going to sleep now, keep writing us - good night.

Subject: Gingy
Date: Sat, 12 June 2001


Hello Jack,

Things have been very busy with us. The job has been a great success. We built a house which turned out very nice, thank goodness it's done. And then there's Gingy. Things have seasoned to a point where I can give feedback. I'll send some pictures before the weekend. How did Mr Big die?

We would like to thank you for the opportunity of introducing the Thai Ridgeback as a breed to us. Gingy has turned out to be the nicest, friendliest dog we have ever known. She has been well behaved, even-tempered and always loves to be by our side. We thank you Jack, your love of the breed and hard work introducing the breed to America is an effort well appreciated.

Doug and Yafit Harris

Sniffer Dog...

A man is sitting in a plane which is about to take off when another man with a dog occupies the empty seats alongside. The dog sits in the middle, and the first man is looking quizzically at the dog when the second man explains that they work for the airline.  

The airline rep says, "Don't mind Rover, he is a sniffer dog, the best there is, I'll show you once we get airborne and I set him to work."

The plane takes off and levels out when the handler says to the first man, "Watch this." He tells the dog, "Rover, search."

The dog  jumps down, walks along the aisle and sits next to a woman for a few  seconds. It then returns to it's seat and puts one paw on the handler's arm. He says, "Good boy." He turns to the first man and says, "That woman is in possession of marijuana, so I'm making a note of this, and the seat number for the police who will apprehend her on arrival."

"Fantastic!" replies the first man.

Once again he sends the dog to search the aisles. The dog sniffs about, sits down beside a man for a few seconds, returns to its seat and places both paws on the handler's arm. The airline rep says, "That man is carrying cocaine, so again, I'm making a note of this, and the seat number."

"I like it!" says the first man.

Once again he sends the dog to search the aisles. Rover goes up and down the plane aisle and after a while sits down next to someone, and then comes racing back and jumps up onto the seat and craps all over the place.

The first man is surprised and disgusted by this, and asks, "What the bloody hell is going on?"

The handler nervously replies, "He just found a bomb!

Subject: Mr. Big
Date: Sat, 9 June 2001


We (Blue, myself, and my family) are with you. Again, we are VERY saddened by hearing of your loss.

As you well know, I am not privy to the insiders world of dog showing, breeding, or promoting. I only care about the breed, not about the hype. I care that these good dogs go to good homes because this is such a rare, sweet, dedicated, and lovable breed. THAT is all I care about. Not that I want to tell you what to do, because I'm not privy to the information of what's going on in this war, but to even mention this creeps name in your e-mails isn't worth the effort of typing. Forget him (or them) and focus on the breed, like you've been doing. Take the high road, like you've been doing, and all will fall into place!!!! (No, I won't see what this other guy is printing about you because I don't care and neither should you!)

Thank you for your efforts, thank you for your courage, but most of all, thank you for being you!

Most sensorially,
Robert Stearns, Blue, and family.

Subject: Mr. Big
Date: Wed, 6 June 2001


My deepest and most heartfelt sympathy on your loss.


Subject: Mr. Big
Date: Tue, 5 June, 2001

Dear Jack,

Sorry to hear about MR.BIG. Talk to you later.

All the best from your friend Ray

Subject: Mr. Big
Date: Tue, 5 June 2001


I am very sorry to hear your news. I can't imagine how difficult it must be.

On an up note, Madison is doing really well and she is also my best friend.

Take care,
Rob and Todd

Subject: Mr. Big
Date: Tue, 5 June 2001

Dear Jack:

We are deeply saddened to hear of the loss of your dearest friend. Angela and I know enough about you to know that your dogs are your family and that you will mourn the loss more so than most. We hope that you and your other dogs recover from this as soon as possible. We wish you all the best.

Larry & Angela

Subject: Mr. Big
Date: Mon, 4 June 2001

Hi Jack,

I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Big. It is so hard to lose a beloved friend.

Riverwind Shar-Pei
Home Of The Pampered Pei
Where Wrinkles Come In All Colors

Subject: Mr. Big
Date: Mon, 04 June 2001


I am very shocked and saddened by your loss. I just met you and Mr. Big at the dog show in Claremont and did not even know he was sick. We are in very similar situations. I just had to put my horse to sleep, because he had arthritis. He had been my best friend for 17 years!!! It was definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I just cried and cried. Mr. Big was a beautiful TRD and in the very short time I have had my Thai (Rikshaw) which I got from Andrea, I am so attached. My thoughts and prayers are with you and let me know how you are doing. Keep in touch.

Your friend,
Tamatha Clemens

Subject: Love your site
Date: Sun, 03 June 2001

Your poem is wonderful. thank you for all your hard work and the dedication put into your web page. I'm looking for a new puppy to join our family of two whippets. We lost our rottie to bone cancer in March. Was looking for a Ibizan hound, Pharoah hound or this wonderful breed that you now love. Any information or help will be appreciated.


Subject: Future TRD Owner
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001

Dear Mr. Sterling,

Thank you for your dedication to this majestic breed and introducing it to American pet lovers. I came across your site by accident when I was researching nearby [LA] breeders of Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

I have asthma and wanted a clean-smelling, short-haired dog who didn't vocalize too much and would be equally amenable to lying around the house or office as she would be running in the dog park. She needed to be intelligent and look intimidating when I took her for evening walks. A Rhodesian seemed to fit the bill. Unfortunately red is not my favorite color and neither are floppy ears. And unexpected gift.

As I'm certain many people have told you, it's love at first sight when they see the majestic TRD's [there is no other adjective] on your site. The astounding range of colors displayed on beautifully sculpted bodies! And, as a bonus, the ears are erect. I was in heaven and wanted to get my puppy the very next day. Unfortunately I will have to wait 8 to 12 months as I am remodeling my house and currently living in an apartment. This will give me time to get to know my options.

I hope you can steer me to some TRD breeders in Southern California that I can visit to experience these animals in person. Or perhaps there are upcoming Pet Shows where TRD's will be shown.

I was very sorry to read that you are no longer breeding without advance orders as your dogs have beautiful faces. Some of the TRD's on other sites tend to look to fierce, with almost a pit bull gaze. I want to get a California bred dog that I can visit before I buy. I need to love the face.

I would be willing to consider a show or pet quality puppy, if the face was appealing. An adult dog might also be ok. An emotional connection would be the key.

Are there any breeders within a half day's drive of LA that I could visit? Perhaps some gregarious owners? Pet Shows?

Thanks for your assistance and maybe I'll luck out and you'll have some pups available when I'm ready to make my commitment.

Ari Sikora

Date: Sun, 6 May 2001
Subject: There is a question at the end of this email

I couldn't resist emailing you... I recently returned from the small beach pueblo in Mexico where my Cousin currently lives, he lives there with Siam and Tyson - two deep black TRD's! - and it just isn't quite possible to communicate with people who have not been introduced to these dogs the absolute awe that they inspire. To see something so exquisite on this planet was a beautiful experience I did not expect on my visit but am so thankful for. I had never imagined being so awestruck by a dog. I'm embarrassed to admit that I took almost as many pictures of the dogs as I did of my cousin! And as many as I took, there were far more missed because I couldn't take my eyes off them.

On my last morning there, after experiencing their personalities of such unbelievable scope, we took a walk down the long beach, I saw them at a full and perfect and free run and then their mock fighting with those delicate yet razor white teeth contrasted against their black coloring! I was just blown away by these dogs and had to babble to someone who obviously loves them too :) and note that I am respecting you by not babbling much more about them! I am not a person without dreams...I dream of being able to one day share my home with two of these lovely creatures :) and I do not consider that a shallow dream :)

I am curious if any pictures in your photo album are available for sale, I'm specifically thinking of a photo on page 2 with the caption of "sterling_jack_-_sakom_photo_3b.jpg"?

Thank you for your web page, It's the only one I've found so far and a much appreciated eye full.

Deneen :)

Date: Mon, 9 April 2001
Subject: Buying your first TRD

We all agree at ATRA that it is important for all people who are looking to add a TRD as a new family member to read the following story. Here is a clear view of what should not have happened to a new TRD owner. This so-called "Florida TRD breeder" DID NOT inform this person of the DERMOID SINUS (D.S.) that this young pup had from birth. A D.S. is positively noticed by the breeder of any TRD pup at the "moment of birth." The breeder sold this pup as he does to so many other people without telling them at all about the D.S. condition, only to make a fast buck! He sells them for show quality prices as well, even though he knew this pup had a DERMOID SINUS CYST.

This same story has come to me from several people around the country who have bought from this Florida breeder. There are only a few respectable breeders of this breed who will tell you of this problem. So PLEASE be wary of the breeders down there. Florida tends to attract the "so-called" puppy millers, in all breeds, from all over the midwest and northeast due to the great weather that Florida has. Many people who have purchased from these people have been burned bad. This one TRD breeder had over 10 breeding pairs of TRD and has had over 25 litters in a very short period of time. They are now being investigated by the Florida Agricultural Dept and the IRS for many cases of fraud to respectable people like this lady.

One single pet owner in New Jersey has joined in to help his fellow puppy miller friend in Florida to slander me on his website. He calls me a "puppy mill on wheels" and steals many fotos off of my website for his own use since he is to lazy to go out and create his own history with the TRD - he wants to steal it from me. These are the kinds of people you really have to be careful of. I own two breeding pairs of TRD. I will not breed my TRD unless I have buyers in advance. Not like these Florida puppy millers who breed for quantity. Last summer he had 92 puppies of many different rare breeds on the ground at once. They were counted by a field rep. of the Florida State Ag Dept. That case is still on going...

PLEASE! ALL FUTURE BUYERS of a TRD - BEWARE! GET YOUR FACTS FIRST! Call other owners of TRD and ask many questions. I will give many, many, names of happy owners worldwide. Just email me!

Subject: Koji's Story
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001

Koji is my year and a half old blue TRD and my best friend! We got Koji from a breeder in Florida in January last year when he was just 3 months old. He was a shy puppy and arrived with a snowstorm which blew through Richmond and gave us a foot of snow.

We had to dig a trail just so our new puppy could walk outside because he was so small. In fact, digging is now one of his favorite pass times, he can often be found with a muddy muzzle from a hard day of digging in the yard. Koji has so much energy and loves to run and jump around. This is one of the reasons we enrolled him in the agility classes which he loves! Koji is, even now, a little shy, especially with strangers, but we are working on that aren't we Koji? Koji likes going to doggie play school to visit his friends (and some say he has a girlfriend there too!) a couple of times a week. Koji's doggie friends tend to be the quieter dogs and he leaves the bigger dogs to the ruff and tumble games. He's far too cool and mellow to do that.

Unfortunately, Koji was not doing too great last year. He was diagnosed with a dermoid sinus, this of course worried us a lot. We had read about it a lot prior to getting Koji and were shocked to find that our little guy had a dermoid sinus and that he would have to have surgery at such a young age. Nevertheless, he bounced back well and was treated successfully and he is eager to get back to his agility classes again.

What a wonderful and smart breed of dog these TRD's are and what a delight to have one in our family!

P.S. Koji would love to meet any other TRD's in the area. We haven't met any yet but with the increasing popularity of this breed we hope we will see more around.

Subject: Blue
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001


I was overwhelmed to see Blue on your "Comments" page! (Of course, he looks better in person!) :)

Just wanted to let you know that although he is from a higher strung line than the quality of puppies you are presenting, he is doing VERY WELL!!! I have found that Blue really needs to be reprimanded in a less emotional way and instead in a more logical way. Instead of me losing my temper over the things he has done at the time that I find the things he has done, I wait- and hold my temperance.

He comes to me, head down (which has happened VERY rarely lately!) and pushes his head against my legs. He knows. I now talk to him, making it clear that he knows what he has done. I haven't had to have this talk with him for a long time now since he is getting older.

For all of you out there with a TRD that might have a question about the intelligence and heart that this breed has, please contact me!


Best to you all,
Robert Stearns, Melissa Keyser, and several other animals! :)

P.S. We ARE looking for some acreage out here for MAYBE a Thai kennel! We'll see. :)

Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001
Subject: Vaccinations

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and support w/the puppy. Thank you for sending the papers also.

She is doing well and is very protective of me.

Currently she is in heat and has been having some vaginal bleeding. She just can't wait for her morning walks when she gets to see all the other dogs and they seem to all want her. As you said, many people ask me what type of breed she is and tell me how beautiful she is.

Do you have any information on her shots and vaccinations? The vet asked me for that info so that I could keep her up to date.

Thanks again,

Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001

Subject: Minnow

Here's a picture of my son and Minnow's favorite spot. You can lay on him or do whatever but he won't give up his spot on the sofa.


DATE: Sat, 3 Feb 2001
Subject: Why TRD's have Ridges


Oh, I hope and pray for the tailless TRD in Florida! You MUST send pics when you get them! Anyways, to answer your query, I THINK it must have something to do with hunting and camouflage. But being the person I am, I came up with a lame Top 10 list. Hope something in here causes a smile! (You don't have to pass this on, just hope you get a laugh or two!) :)


10) Because ruffles have ridges.
9) They have a two-way petting system.
8) So all other dog owners think his/hers cowls are up when in fact the TRD just wants to play.
7) The ridge is a solar collector that the breed uses for extra energy to run.
6) It never brushes out - just like a big cowlick.
5) The hairs point the opposite way to confuse fleas.
4) Because petting these dogs one way just isn't enough!
3) To let strangers ask the question "What kind of dog is that?"
2) To allow TRD owners to ask the question "Have you seen a blue dog with a ridge on their back run by here?" (And assure them you are NOT drunk!).
And the number 1 reason?
1) Because, darn it, THEY ARE COOL!!!! :)

Hope you like it! Hope all is well, and THANK YOU again!

Robert, Melissa, and Serious Adamantine Blue (or just Blue). :)

These are photos of a TRD pup that was found as a newborn on the side of a road near Macon, Georgia. No one knows how this could have happened. Some owner of a pregnaut TRD bitch must have let the gate open and their whelping bitch went looking for a place to have her pups. She must have dropped this one on the side of a road and promply left it to die. Some very surprised people found it and thought how bizarre and took it to a local Weimeranian breeder to help save its newborn life. This breeder, thinking it was a "weimer", cut off its tail... Then afterward realized that this was NOT a "weimer" but a new breed to America - a Thai Ridgeback Dog. I was called by the breeder and she shared this story. I have informed her to keep me posted of this new puppy's life and if she makes it. The story continues...

DATE: Tue, 20 Feb 2001
Subject: Lost pup

The vet tech at my vet's office has adopted Annie and changed her name to Macon. She is doing well, her eyes have opened and she now weighs over a pound. Looks like this little girl will make it after all. Photos attached.


Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001
Subject: from beau

The Shadow: Of all you have said nothing has pleased me more than a promise you have made: you want again to become a good neighbor to the things closest to you. This will benefit us poor shadows, too. For- admit it - you have hitherto been only too happy to slander us.

The Wanderer: Slander? But why have you never defended yourselves? You were close enough to our ear, after all.

The Shadow: It seemed to us we were much too close to venture to speak ourselves.

The Wanderer: How very tactful! You shadows are 'better men' than we are, that I can see.

The Shadow: And yet you called us 'importunate' - us, who understand at any rate one thing well: to stay silent and wait - no Englishman understands it better. It is true we are to be found very, very often following behind man, yet we are not his slaves. When man shuns the light, we shun man: our freedom extends that far.

The Shadow: Alas, the light shuns man much more often, and then you too dessert him.

The Shadow: It is often with sorrow that I have deserted you: it seems to me, who am greedy for knowledge, that much that is dark still adheres to man because I cannot always be with him. If the reward were a perfect knowledge of man I might even agree to be you slave.

The Wanderer: But do you know, do I know, whether you would not then change unawares from slave to master? Or, through still a slave, come to despise your master and live a life of abasement and disgust? Let us both be content with such freedom as you have - you and me! For the sight of one unfree would embitter for me all my joy; I would find even the best things repulsive someone had to share them with me - I want no slaves around me. Tat is why I will not have even a dog, that lazy, tail-wagging parasite who has become 'doglike' only through being the slave of man and who is even commended for loyalty to his master and willingness to follow him like his -

The Shadow: Like his shadow, that is how they put it. Perhaps today too I have already been following you too long? It has been the longest day, but we have reached its end, be patient a little while longer! The grass is damp, I am getting cold.

The Wanderer: Oh, is it already time for us to part? And I had to end by hurting you; I saw it, you grew darker as I did it.

The Shadow: I blushed, in the colour in which I am able to blush. It occurred to me that I have often lain at your feet like a dog, and that you then -

The Wanderer: And could I not, in all haste, do something to please you? Is there nothing you want?

The Shadow: Nothing, except perhaps that which the philosophical 'dog' desired of the great Alexander: that you should move a little out of the sunlight, I am feeling too cold.

The Wanderer: What shall I do?

The Shadow: Step under these trees and look out at the mountains, the sun is sinking.

The Wanderer: - Where are you? Where are you?

Fredrich Nietzche
1876 "Human All to Human"

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001
Subject: Shadow

Hi Jack,

Sorry it took us so long to write. We just wanted to express our thanks to you for all your help with Shadow. We appreciate your openness and willingness to take the time to explain the "thai dog" to us. Shadow has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is FULL of energy all the time. He has a habit of carrying very large sticks around the yard in his mouth, making us fear for our trees, but nothing bad has happened yet. He has amazing tolerance for our three year old, often more than we do. He is a good watchdog, is polite in the house and doesn't seem to have that "doggy" smell. He also turns heads wherever we take him, most people have never seen a thai dog.

We know that there are people out there who would slander your reputation as a breeder and defame your character, but we have seen no evidence to substantiate their claims - all we can say to you Jack is hold your head up high and keep up the good work!

Alex and Barbara Tamayo

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001
Subject: Puppy

Good Morning Sunshine,

It must be sunny where you are, it's pouring here!

Well Jack , I definitely want your SAKORN puppy, I'll send a $100 deposit along with the $30 for the video today. As far as the balance I'll go as fast as I can. I'm interested in the other girls, but I need the video to say for sure.

Jayson Reimer

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001
Subject: learning more

Hi Jack,

My wife and I have been researching TRD's for the last few years, off and on. We currently have a gaggle of RR's we show and breed. We love our RR's and plan to have them long term. I'm very interested in finding out all I can about the TRD's, and possibly getting involved deeper if the right circumstances occur. We belong to RRUCS and are very involved in the club, this year we're hosting the National. Thanks for your time and info.

Jayson Reimer
Bellingham, Wa

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001
Subject: TRD in Canada

Dear Mr. Sterling

Thank you very much for including me in the new ATRA HOUSE OF SAKORN list. I am willing to help you in any way possible, to bring the TRD to public attention in Canada. If you can send me some breed information and photos, I can try to find people who may be interested in owning them. I also sent an ATRA membership application a few weeks back...did you receive it? To this message, I am attaching the photos of the Karwani (Caravan) Hounds which belong to a close friend in India. Also, since you have started the ATRA with such great success...I was wondering whether you had any advice for me and the ICHA.

Best Wishes
Neil Trilokekar
Oakville, ON

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001
Subject: Learning more

Dear Mr. Sterling,

I am Neil Trilokekar of Ontario, Canada and I first got interested in Thailand Ridgeback Dogs back about 3 years ago...when my father told me about his Thai friend's dog (in Thailand). He said that his friend described his dog as having a sword-like tail, standing ears, a ridge on its back and that it was blue in color with a short, shiny coat. I was already a dog enthusiast by then, so I looked up in all my dog books and found this dog...the Thailand Ridgeback. I then looked into the breed further and saw your wonderful and informative website. On one of the pages it mentioned about how the Thai people describe these dogs and there it was, exactly as my father had related from what his friend had told him:))) I then became a member of this mailing list as I thought I would learn more about the history of this breed and about its personality and care. I am currently trying to help an Indian dog breed, the Karwan Hound, to come into public notice outside of India and recently started a breed organization with the help of a few friends here and back in India.

I hope I can learn more about the TRD from this mailing list...

If it is only for TRD owners, please do let me know and you may delete me from it.

Best Wishes,
Neil Trilokekar
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 200
Subject: Video

Dear Mr. Jack Sterling,

As a frequent visitor to Thailand, I have known about the Thai Ridgeback Dog for some years. I was not interested in breeding nor was I in the position to import any before. I have adored this dog since I first laid eyes on it some years back. I would like to order your video to learn more specifics of the breed and if it would actually be the right dog for me. I would not get one unless I knew I could make it happy and healthy. I live in Hawaii now and must first know if the hot salty air climate here is suitable for them. It should be since they come from Thailand. If so then please accept my order for your info video. Also, do you know of any other TRD owners in Hawaii? It would be great to be the first one. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Derek D. Hill

Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001
Subject: Someday...

Hi Jack!

It's me, the little American girl born in Bangkok who dreams of owning a TRD someday down the road. I love the new pictures posted on the website. What magnificent creatures. There was one picture that made me think "I would not want this dog angry with me!" They are so regal. I'm hoping to travel to Iowa when the weather gets warmer (and I can ride my motorcycle) to visit Dan and his dogs. It will be my first contact with the breed in person.

I enjoy getting your updates by e-mail. Sorry I haven't had much to say. Since I don't have a TRD, I don't have any nice stories to share. But someday...

Take care!

Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001
Subject: TRD info

Jack Sterling,

I enjoy reading your stories and urge you to continue with this great service to those interested in the TRD. I think you did the right thing getting rid of those who only want to criticize all you have done to bring this breed to the American people. For all you have done people should be willing to at least send some comments about their TRD`s for those of us who are trying to get a better understanding of this beautiful dog. I`m sure you have indeed done more for the breed in the past seven years than has been done in three hundred fifty years. American people are too quick to criticize and sit back with a wait and see attitude, you are a person who gets things done. If this offends people then they have no place on your great list!

One comment I have is that I was hoping to here more about your research in Thailand. How was the show? Did you bring back new dogs? Any new information about the TRD? Did you take pictures? Do you work with Thai breeders? What where the kennels like?

The above are just a few things I was wondering. I`m sorry I have no stories to share about the breed because I don`t own a TRD but am interested in learning from you about the breed. The stories from others would be interesting but your informed opinion is of far more value, you are the expert on the breed.

These "other" people who try to put you down are foolish so don`t let that keep you from the important work of promoting your lovely dogs. You should be proud of your great strides forward and get rid of those who are critical on this list and deal with those who are actively supporting your cause!

I was curious, who are the puppy mills you speak of? This is awful that the TRD is being produced by such people. Have you reported this to the AKC? They have ways of dealing with these criminals. I will spread the word about them if you like.

Thank you for your hard work,
Tammy Longo

Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001
Subject: Blue

Hello my name is Robert Stearns of Washington State. I own a male TRD named, Blue, whom I bought from Ed Black up here in Washington State. Here is a picture of him although I will be scanning and sending you better ones later.

I want to get a movie of him getting his "butt-rub" (he LOVES the full body massage!) and of him doing his famous "stand on two front legs and pee while doing a cartwheel". I don't know if this is "normal" behavior, but then again, he is not a "normal" dog.

He also does the "I'm so happy to be fed" dance, which consists of him twirling around in circles as I present him his food while growling in a VERY deep and happy voice.

Thank you for all your hard work with this breed and I wish you continued success and happiness!!!!!!

Please let me know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help!

Robb Stearns and Melissa Keyser
and of course Serious Adamantine Blue
(Along with Sampson, two cats, a turtle, a rabbit, and a fish named Fluffy!)

P.S. We (Melissa and I) were engaged this Christmas. I hope your Holidays were as blessed as ours!!

Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001
Subject: Madison

Madison prefers the Washington spring and fall. She likes the summer, but I thought she would take the heat and humidity better. She plays hard and when it is really hot and humid she slows down a great deal. She doesn't seem to mind the cold that much. When it gets really cold I layer her with a sweater and coat. Even in the very cold she loves to go to the park to play and go for her walk through the woods. If it is mildly cold I just put on her coat and she seems very happy. Madison is very cooperative and does not mind wearing clothing.

I was surprised when I found that the cold didn't seem to bother her a great deal. Of course, I would not leave her out for long periods. I think she is like a human that is able to take the cold for a limited amount of time and not like other animals bred to deal with very cold climates.

She really dislikes the rain. She knows when it is raining and she is stubborn but will still go out back for a quick relief. If there is light rain and I put her coat on, she is still very happy to go to the park. She thinks the snow is ok, but the flakes get in her long eye lashes.

We have a great radiator heat system, and she loves to lounge next to the radiator or in the sun from a window.

When the weather is nice she really likes to go for rides around the city in my convertible. There is not much of a back seat, but there is just enough space for her. She loves to watch everything go by and people always comment on this beautiful dog looking so regal in her chauffeured seat.

Madison is very particular about everything. It is very funny to watch her and know her routines. She is very intelligent and loves to be in charge and pampered.

Todd Davis and Madison of Washington DC

Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001
Subject: Sharing Ideas

Here's a little paragraph to get people to share ideas with the TRD.

I have a couple of questions for those of you who have Thailand Ridgeback Dogs out there. How many of you feel that your TRD is part feline? Have any of you noticed any feline traits in your dogs? Or it it just my vivid imagination.

Over the years I've been involved with Siberian Huskies (sled dog type), Alaskan Huskies, Keeshonds, Havanese, Rottweilers, Cane Corso's, etc. I've been a member of numerous dog clubs and events. From judging to setting up shows and from being a veterinary technician for many years, I have seen lots of dogs working or just chillin' out and I have yet to see anything like a Thai Ridgeback Dog.

Have any of you noticed how the TRD holds bones or food with their paws? I've seen that done with a couple of labs, but not hold their bones like a TRD does. It's funny to explain, other dogs that I have seen, hold bones and stuff like just sort of flop their paw on top of whatever they're holding. But the TRD that I have experienced actually hold it like people would, with their paws facing each other. It's a strange thing to watch. Yes, they still put their paws on things, but they are very articulate at being able to use their paws. My TRD curl their paws and pull doors open and closed. Another thing that I've noticed: I've never seen a dog clean itself like a TRD does. Yes, other dogs do lick themselves, but the TRD seems to always keep themselves pristine clean. Have you ever noticed when your Thai Dog comes in, he gets right to cleaning his paws or if he's been outside, God forbid that rain should ever touch their "royal" bodies. They get right to cleaning and drying themselves right away. They take such time in almost preening themselves like a cat.

Also, have you ever noticed a cat, when they are in the house? Their very keen sense of smell and hearing! They notice every smell and movement in the house or outside. (And I do mean every dust bunny that blows out of a corner or every bird that flies by.) The cats and the TRD's go and check everything out. They always seem so attentive, no matter what is going on in the world. Have you ever seen a breed of dog that enjoys their comfort like these guys do? Out of all the dogs that I've ever had in my house, none, and I do mean none of them have ever gone on the furniture. NEVER! But.... guess what? My TRD's have me trained. After all these years I've lost the battle and both my little "king and queen" TRD sleep on my furniture. So much for who trains who around here. It's getting kind of hard to type when you have a TRD standing in your lap and pawing at you, that it's time to go out. So until next time.

Enjoy all your Thai dogs!
Kathy and TRD crew

DATE: Tue, 9 Jan 2001
SUBJECT: TRD's and snow

Dear Jack Sterling,

It's sad that we both have to watch out for who does what or says what. Considering that there are not that many TRD's in the United States, it's turned into a back-stabbing game. God, it's not worth getting involved with those people. Keep doing what your doing and just try and ignore the garbage that they sling.  

I have you beat. Ha!Ha!Ha! We have snow here and my TRD's think they are snow plows. But after playing in the snow for a while they come to the back door because their feet are cold and hurt. Ha!Ha!Ha! Then they have to come in and we have to warm their feet up.

Kathy Tanguay and my TRD crew

DATE: Mon., 8 Jan 2001
SUBJECT: Thank you for everything.

Dear Mr. Sterling,

I just wanted to write you a quick e-mail and thank you for all of your time and energy in helping me learn about this incredible breed. I appreciate all the information and the photographs you sent me. I am impressed by the quality of dogs you have and the puppies that have come from the litters. Channa Lanna is truly one in a million. Thank you for all of your insight and perspective in helping me search for the right dog. I look forward to your book and will keep my eyes open for its release. Until then, I wish you all the very best in the future.

Most sincerely,

DATE: Fri., 18 Aug 2000

Hello Jack. This letter is long overdue. I had promised you in April that I would write you to tell you how amazing Kobe is. In May, when I had some time to myself my computer had some major issues and since then I have been working long hours.

Anyway, wanted to tell you that Kobe is amazing. He has an amazing life. He and his best friend, Millie, our beagle mutt, do nothing but play in the yard for hours and hours at a time. Millie makes up all the rules of the games and Kobe just follows like a male in love. They literally play tag. Millie nips at his legs or his extra skin around his neck until he gives her attention. When he finally gives her a moments attention she runs away making him run after her. They run up and down hills, through trees, around the pool, and up and down the deck until he catches her. When he does, they play-fight for several minutes and he lets Millie pin him down. Such a gentle giant with her. Then the roles reverse. He gets up and runs and she goes after him....and this will go on over and over again.

Kobe also loves going to Washington Square Park in NYC. He loves meeting all types of dogs. He cries at the puppies, however, shows his macho side with the larger dogs. Kobe protects Millie in the park. You see, Millie is a little instigator. She starts with the wrong dog and gets herself into trouble. Kobe seems to like to watch out for her, for he is madly in love with her. He won't let any other dog chase her.

We also have had some interesting incidents with Kobe in the park. Two other dogs seemed to have a problem with each other. Kobe sensed this before anyone in the park noticed. I know because he was sitting by my side. All of a sudden he sat very tall with ears straight up and I could hear a low growl coming from him. Before you know it, the two dogs started a real fight with each other. Kobe took off and broke it up! He ran to them before any of the owners could get there and got directly in between them. He barked and growled at both of them while doing this. What ever he said in his language worked. Both of these dogs literally bowed their heads to him, whimpered, and walked opposite directions before any human could get to them to break it up. This only took seconds. My husband and I were amazed. Kobe broke up the fight.

Another very funny, or not so funny story. Another time in the park... all the dogs were thirsty. I went and got a big bowl of water and placed it on the ground. Several dogs drank from it. Then, this black medium sized mutt came over, placed both front paws in the water bowl and splashed away until there was no water left and then took his paws out. Kobe kind of looked at this dog with great curiosity like, "what did ya go and do that for"????? So, I got up and refilled the water. I brought it back, a few dogs drank and the black mutt did it again. He splashed away all the water. So, one more time I got more water in the bowl and placed it down. This time Kobe became the 'guard' the water. He stood by the water and let all the dogs drink. When the black mutt came he growled at him and sent him away. Kobe took a few steps away, let more dogs drink, but when the mutt came close to the water, he jumped in the way and growled at him again. Kobe took a step back again, let more dogs drink. Kobe turned his head away for just a minute and when he turned back he saw this mutt with his paws just about to go in the water and splash it all out again. Well, Kobe would have none of that. All hell broke loose. Kobe attacked this black mutt.

Kobe tried to warn this dog that there would be no splashing of the water in this park. The mutt was fine, Kobe did not hurt it, but the mutt did nothing but sit under its owners legs for the rest of the day.

Kobe looks huge. He is solid muscle, but as big and strong as he looks, he is only 58 lbs.

He is as solid as a rock, but a real mush. For the few times we have to leave the house without him he is happy with Millie's company, however, what a scene when we get home. He is so cute. We immediately open the back door to let the kids out to relieve themselves. Millie takes off into the bushes. Kobe makes it 1/2 way down the steps of the deck but then turns around, while moaning/crying with happiness, to give us kisses, goes 1/2 way down the steps, and again turns back to give us kisses. This repeats about 5 to 6 times before he completely goes down the deck steps.

We are so happy we have him. We had no idea what our experience would be. We knew nothing of this breed. We found him by accident. We were actually looking for a Rhodesian Ridgeback and saw an ad in the paper for the Thai. We had no idea what this looked like. I answered the ad and they insisted we come to take a look. We had Millie with us so she got to meet him. They loved each other from the second they met. Kobe was only 9 weeks old. The man who owned Kobe was distraught that he couldn't keep him (he had a 5 year old Yorkie who was not doing well with this new addition to its environment and had basically stopped eating). He wanted $2800 for this dog and we couldn't believe it. We did not have that kind of money. We offered $1400 and couldn't wait to just leave because we felt we insulted him with an offer 1/2 the price he was looking for. We just did not have the money. So, we did leave, without the dog. Two days later, he called me at work and said I must take this dog. He said Kobe has been crying ever since Millie left. He wanted them to be together. He also liked the idea that we had 1 acre of fenced-in land and flexible working hours (my husband is a nurse working 3 days a week and I have a home office). He said he had offers for more than 3K but those people lived in a row house with a very, very small yard. I could only give another $100, so that is what I did. I took Kobe for $1500. I brought him home and told my husband to close his eyes and open his hands and then I placed tiny little Kobe in his hands. He couldn't believe it.

Now that I know what an amazing breed Kobe is I know we have one of the most amazing dogs and got more than we paid for. I hope that Darren, the man that gave us Kobe (was Khan then) reads this on your site and knows that his little puppy is so loved by everyone. All my family just adores him. Although I wish he looked at me as his best friend, I know that will never happen. His ultimate best friend is Millie. He cleans her, protects her, plays with her. He shares his food with her and snuggles with her. If Millie is outside and he is inside, he cries. If Millie goes to the vet and he stays home, he cries. Actually, one sweet story is when we took Millie to get fixed. Kobe would not eat ALL day until he saw her again. When we brought her home he cried, yet wagged his tail and smothered her with kisses. Millie, although home, was not up to eating because she did not feel well from the surgery. She stayed under the bed and would not come out. So, still, Kobe would not eat. He did not want to do anything without her. The next morning when Millie felt better, she came out from under the bed and they ate together. Isn't that cute?

So, those are my stories.

Take care. (Also, we are not going to fix Kobe. You did mentioned that you were interested in breeding more Ridgebacks using Kobe. So, if and when you are ready, just let us know and we'll see how we can work this out. I know you travel so I guess sometime when you are here on LI).

Take care.

Carole Holzmann (Wayne, Millie, and Kobe, too).

DATE: Mon, 14 Aug 2000
SUBJECT: Madison

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that Madison has blossomed into a full blown Princess. She is doing really well. We take her on trips with us and she really likes to travel. Last weekend we took her to the Northern Neck of Virginia and she loved riding in the motor boat and playing on the beaches. She is a real joy and everyone loves her (if she lets them get close to her).

She has gained some weight (all muscle) and looks like the pick of the litter.

Our house will be featured in the November/December issue of Southern Accents Magazine. There will be a photograph of us with Madison. She looks great in the picture. I think the article will mention her and the breed. Look for the magazine when it comes out.

Also, we have started to think about getting Madison a brother. We are not in a rush. What are your plans for breeding over the next several years?

Hope all is well.

Todd and Rob

Date: April 27, 2000
SUBJECT: Thank you letter about Lukchai

Dear Jack Sterling,

I have to thank you again. I couldn't be happier with my TRD puppy "Lukchai." He is so great and I love him so very much. No matter what he is doing, he always makes me laugh. I am so amazed at how much he loves kids and people, but even more amazed by how much he loves to play with other dogs. I don't know if I told you this but one of the biggest reasons why I decided to get a TRD puppy from you was your insistence on me coming to where you live and that you wouldn't ship a dog to me without meeting me first. At that point, I realized that the dogs were much more important to you than the money that you made from them. I figured that if you only cared about the money, you would ship any dog under any conditions to any buyer, as long as they paid for the dog. You really surprised me in the fact that you wouldn't think of doing this and that proved to me that your biggest concern was the well-being of your dogs and puppies. As you know, I talked to many other so-called TRD breeders here in the states about purchasing a TRD puppy, I got the rudeness of the guy in Jersey to I might bred if I can find a male to breed my female to, to some very uncertain people who seemed to know nothing about this breed, but no one else came even close to you in the caring for the dogs. I was also very impressed and thankful that from day one, when you knew the puppies were on the way , you would call me and keep me informed about the mother's progress and later about the progress of all the puppies. During all our conversations it was very obvious to me how much joy you got from your dogs and the new puppies as well. I also want to thank you for all the video material and literature you sent me about the breed, even before the puppies were born. I still enjoy watching the video that shows me when the puppies were born and the day after they were born. I always try to look and see which one is Lukchai, but as you know they all look so much the same at one day old.

I wanted to let you know I got all the pedigree papers from the AKC-FSS and the UKC recently. Your help in filling out the forms made the process so much easier. I like being able to see who Lukchai's ancestors were and where he came from. I also really appreciate your calls to find out how Lukchai was doing, when he got hurt when he was playing and I fell on his face. He is fine now and loves to run and play and shows no signs he was ever hurt. But as you know I was so worried about him and your support during that time helped me get over these trying moments.

In my life, I have had other dogs, many of my friends and relatives have also had dogs, but not one of them is nearly as friendly or sweet as my TRD puppy. I really believe that this is in great part due to your playing with and loving him so much and the other puppies from the day they were born until I picked him up from you. Your information on how I should introduce him to other people by letting them pet and play with him as much as possible during the first few important weeks after I first brought him home was so helpful. I believe this, because I could see how sweet and playful all your dogs were when I first came to your house. It certainly was an experience to have 7 beautiful Thai dogs all trying to lick me and play with me at once. I loved it and all of your Thai Dogs. I don't think there is any person or animal that Lukchai would ever want to bite or fight with, other than to play with them and lick them. This is so important to me since everyday when we are out and walking so many people come up to us and ask what kind of dog he is and also how beautiful he is. They all want to pet him and play with him. Because he has such a good nature he loves every minute of it and gladly plays with them and enjoys their affection.

I have gone on and on, but it is important to me that I let you know how happy I am with him and how happy I am that I have been able to have such a good relationship with you, to give me the support and help in Lukchais's young life and happiness. Don't let those other people get you down, I know you are the best TRD breeder in America because I got the best TRD puppy from you.


Thank you again so very much,
Steven Vincent Misiano

DATE: Mon, 17 Apr 2000
SUBJECT: Thai Temple

Hi Jack Sterling,

Here are the pictures that we took on the Thai Temple in North Hollywood with your beautiful Mah Thai Lung Ahn. [Thai Ridgeback Dogs]. Thank you again for letting us take the picture with them. Your dogs were so friendly and seemed to be much friendlier than the dogs back in Thailand.


DATE: Wed, 12 Apr 2000

Hi Jack:

Here's the 19 week report on SuSu: She's half again as big as in the last picture I sent, probably tipping the scales at 25 lbs.; her athleticism knows no bounds, at least in her mind, since there's no obstacle too big to jump or climb over, no ball too big to try to carry, and no game of tug of war she thinks she'll lose; she's still great with the kids, who appear to rank as older puppies and not alpha dogs, in her eyes; she's still the most beautiful dog we've seen.

Your comments about the breeder of Thai Ridgebacks who is making it his life's work to blacken your name saddened me. Your conduct in selling SuSu to us is so utterly contrary to the picture painted of you on the web site you pointed out that I felt I should write, so that you could pass my experience on to anyone who has questions about the way you breed and sell dogs.

My experience:

- Our first few conversations made me feel you were interviewing me to determine my, and my family's, fitness to own one of your puppies; we easily spent 10x the time discussing whether my household was the right place to raise a puppy as we did the price;

- Your frequent updates before the litter was born, and even more frequent updates subsequent, complete with pictures of the puppies, let us share your enthusiasm for this great breed and the joy of so many beautiful new pups;

- Your requirement that SuSu be physically delivered into my hands, so that she could ride in the cabin of a plane to our home, rather than in the cold belly of the plane, plus your request that I call upon arrival and let you know how she did, made it clear that your interest was not over with receipt of my check;

- Finally, our frequent chats and your continued interest in our puppies welfare show that what you do is the result of love for the breed, and your desire to share that love with those fortunate enough to have these wonderful dogs in their homes.

I'm sure my experience will be shared by anyone fortunate enough to have a dog from one of your future litters.


DATE: Thu, 2 Mar 2000
SUBJECT: Madison

You described Madison perfectly. She is definitely the "bossy bitch" at the park. Things must be her way or no way at all. Also she does have a killer instinct. She has killed at least four squirrels and one raccoon. She has caught two possum (she did not kill them because they played dead) and she chases deer. She likes cats and wants to play with them (we have two).

Are most Thai Ridgebacks high strung? Madision is definitely very sensitive.


DATE: Thu, 2 Mar 2000
SUBJECT: Madison

Jack thanks for your message. Madison is sitting here with me now. She is a great dog and I can't imagine not having her. I am curious on general characteristics of the breed. Madison plays very, very hard with other dogs. Some dogs love it and some can't take her speed and agility. Is this a normal trait? Also Madison is very sensitive (a bit high strung) when not in her normal routines. Is this normal? She is also very smart. Her trainer said that she is one of the smartest dogs she has trained in her 20 year career. Is this normal? Madison generally likes women better than men. She tends to be very suspicious of men, but once she gets to know and like you she will remember you forever. I would like to see if she would remember you and how she would react.

Finally, we are totally devoted to Madison and the breed. I am sad to hear that you will be leaving the country. In about three to four years we are planning to get another Thai Ridgeback. Will this be possible through you or someone else?

Thanks for introducing us to the breed and Madison in particular. She is one of the loves of my life.


DATE: Wed, 16 Feb 2000
Hello Jack,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that Kai has indeed has his surgery to remove the dermoid sinus in his neck (as well as being castrated) and all is well at this point. I was quite nervous about it but knew it had to be done before it became a problem. I had it done at Ocean Ave. Vet here in the city of San Francisco... they have a board certified surgeon, and I have been taking my animals there for several years now. Kai is still in his bandages but he is recovering nicely - doing well and feeling good... in fact it is difficult to get him to slow down and take it easy for recovery. The sinus did go down to the spine. I am just so relieved that the surgery went well. I took him to work with me today to make sure he was back to normal, and I had to stop him and my other dog from playing together tonight just a day after the surgery. So he seems to be bouncing back quickly.

I had a couple who were interested in buying a puppy from you call me to meet Kai. I have been very busy lately and have not meet them yet. I also have questions about how this would be to your advantage. Kai is fluffy and his ears are droopy - he is adorable but he is far from the breed standard [Kai is a pet-quality TRD]. They suggested we meet at a dog park in SF.... perhaps some of the other dogs other people have are dog-friendly but I can tell you that for the most part Kai is prone to strong aggression when faced with unleashed and uncontrolled dogs he doesn't know (he even has my 6 year old, 80 pound Pit Bull mix submissive to him!) Also, he is occasionally very friendly with strangers but for the most part you would find him somewhat curious but aloof and on occasion he will bark and even growl when pushed by an overly friendly stranger who tries to get too familiar. I do not always know what makes the difference for Kai, but I can tell you that he has his own opinions about who he likes and who he doesn't and who he cannot be bothered with. It would be questionable whether or not he would make a favorable impression on prospective clients for you. He is an affectionate and complete charmer with my friends and family, people he has become familiar with and likes, but strangers can be another matter. He can be shy, mildly aggressive or just not interested in being pursued with new people. If you still think you would like people to meet Kai I can make time for a short meeting, but not at a dog park.

Thank you for all your help and all your support,
Nicole Henderson

DATE: Thu, 3 Jun 1999

Hey there Jack!

We just got your post card. If Luna is 1/3 her weight, then she is going to be about 60 pounds. I took her to the vet for her worming stuff when she was 13 weeks old and she was 21 pounds. If that is only 1/3 her weight, then she is going to be a big girl. Bonnie's dog will probably be about 10 pounds more than that. Ray is going to email you some pictures of Luna sleeping with one of our cats (this cat loves her SO much even though she nips at him). If you want us to mail them to you too, please let me know and give me your address. I have everything but your address in Vegas.

Jack, she is beautiful and the most wonderful animal in the world. She is sweet, affectionate and very gentle. She also LOVES carrots and waits in her bed for me to hide some for her so she can run around the house with them in her mouth. We just think that she is just the best and she is unbelievably beautiful. We are going to photocopy handouts to give to people who we meet on the street because they tend to ask the same questions such as "What is she?", to which we reply "She's an elephant". They then say, "No, I mean what kind of dog is she?" and we go through the whole mantra. The best question we got was "Is she a Chihuahua?"

Anyway, Luna is perfect and I spend all my time with her. She is very attached to us, but also has a very stubborn mind of her own.

I hope all is well !!!! Talk to you soon


DATE: Tue, 13 Apr 1999

Hello Jack,

I just wanted to say thank you for being so considerate and for allowing Cori and I to have such a wonderful puppy enter our lives. "Luna" is a joy to be with. She is adjusting well to her new surroundings. Our cats are very intrigued by her. They are not at all threatened by her or threatening to her. They gently smell her and one of the male Siamese has even taken to giving Luna a little lick once in a while. Luna is equally curious. I think (hope) that they will all be best buddies soon.

Luna (Pra Jam... someone at a Thai restaurant told us that was the translation), is doing really well with her crate training. She only gets up once a night and has barely whined at all. She loves to explore our front yard and is starting to come when I call her. She seems very intelligent.

Lately she's all Cori and I think and talk about. We look forward to being with her and coming home to her.

Thanks again and talk to you soon,
Ray and Cori Bussolar

DATE: Mon, 2 Nov 1998
SUBJECT: Interested.

My name is Neva Riches. I am intrigued by these beautiful dogs. I am very interested in researching to learn more about them. I would love to learn more about them, even possibly meet one. I understand that they are not readily available, so I was wondering about price and locations. I would also be interested in rescue, if there is any possibility.

Thank You,
Neva Riches
Columbia, South Carolina - USA

DATE: Tue, 29 Sep 1998
SUBJECT: Re: Thai Dog or Mah Thai Lung Ahn
Organization: The Balliet Group
Dear Jack,

Hooray -- finally I have found where you are! I saw your name a couple of years ago in a dog encyclopedia (where I first saw pictures of TRs). I even wrote the publisher asking if I could get your address, but never heard from them. Now that I have a computer and am learning to use the internet, I'm discovering all kinds of info that were unavailable to me before.

I would love to hear from Dr. Howards and would really like to know where there may be a specialty show I could attend and see these fascinating dogs. From the e-mail chat list, it sounds as if there was a specialty very recently.

How exciting it must be for you to have founded a whole new breed in the U.S. We who love ridged dogs owe you a lot for expanding our knowledge of how this characteristic came about.

Thank you for writing me.
Carol Balliet
Austin, Texas - USA

DATE: Sun, 26 Jul 1998
SUBJECT: Keep up the good work.

I visit this website by searching for a perfect watch dog for our retirement home east of Bangkok. We realised we do not have to go very far! Our home is half way from Bangkok to Trad (TRD country). We are now searching for a couple of the dogs. I found a mistake in otherwise perfect website. Under breed standard, The ridge pattern Pamom (praying hand) should read "Panom". Thanks for a very interesting website. I will visit this site regularly. Keep up the good work.


DATE: 18 Jul 1998
SUBJECT: feedback

While rollerblading in Saddle Brook County Park, Fair Lawn, I came upon these beautiful dogs. They were quite friendly and allowed me to pet their silky, blue/gray fur. They are more gorgeous than they appear in the pictures on this website..the photos shown just cannot do them justice! They are mystical looking when viewed in person.

New Jersey - USA

About 4 years ago, I was looking for a dog for my husband and our new family. I saw an interesting breed in a dog magazine, it was advertised by a breeder in California. He was the only breeder in America at that time. He had sent some pups to another breeder in New Jersey. We decided to go see the pups. This breeder said he was selling them for the other breeder who was about to go back to Thailand to get more pups and learn more about this beautiful breed. We bought a male pup named "Sonny" who was tan in color. We paid $1500 for this pup, more than we have ever paid for a dog before. The breeder in New Jersey said that he would help us if we needed any information. He did nothing but take our money. He never called us to follow up at all.

Several months later we heard from the original breeder, he had been in Thailand and was back with more dogs. He told us of what the breeder in New Jersey had done to him. In fact, he had a video tape of the New Jersey breeder killing his number one dog. We saw the video and we were shocked. How could this man do such a thing to this beautiful creature?

The original breeder told us the dog was not killed [as the New Jersey breeder had stated in the video] but sold [the dog] for over $5000 to another breeder in Staten Island. When he had found out what this guy tried to do to his #1 dog, he flew back to the east coast to get his dogs. He said he could only get 4 dogs back, since the New Jersey breeder had sold the other four dogs. I believe that the first breeder of the Thai Ridgeback dog in America has the very best goods in America today. None of the other people who breed these dogs have a clue on how good his dogs are.

He has always treated us with respect. He is so caring about these animals. He has given up his life for this breed. I must commend him on a job well done. If ever I am in the market for another puppy I would call Jack Sterling. He stands behind what he has created.
May Browning
Wayne, NJ

Dear ATRA,


Hello, my name is Tommy Provenzano. I am a police officer in Ft. Lee, New Jersey. In January of 1998, I met a guy who had some very outrageous looking dogs at a Petsmart in Paramus, NJ. I was looking to buy a German Weimeraner, but when I saw this guy's dogs I was sold. They had everything I wanted in a dog. He had only 2 males. I picked his biggest male. He called him Atlas because he was the biggest pup. This breeder turned out to be the original importer of this breed. Jack Sterling was so helpful and to this day he calls me to see how the pup is doing. I would recommend Jack to anyone who is in the market for one of these dogs. My dog, of course was the best. And the price was really fair. I am so lucky to have met him. It's a privilege to have him in my life. He is my son! My whole family loves him.

P.C. Tommy Provenzano
Ft. Lee, NJ

To whom it may concern:

I first saw these dogs in Napa, California in 1995. Jack Sterling, the first breeder and importer of this breed had two litters for me to choose from. I wanted his male from litter #2, but he would not sell him. So I chose a pup from litter #3, his name is "Samboon". He is a true part of our family. My mother tells me that when I move out, he stays! That means I need to get another TRD or stay at home with mom for the next decade or so. This dog is so awesome, I cannot put it in words on paper. You just have to experience what a Thai Dog is like yourself. Jack Sterling is truly a remarkable person. I have never met anyone quite like him before. He was so eager to see where I lived and how the dog would be taken care of. He's the only breeder I would trust to get a dog from. He stands behind what he sells.

Bryan Santos
American Canyon, CA

Schardam, 14-3-1995

Dear Jack,

I was surprised to get your letter. It is nice to hear that there are more Thai Ridgeback lovers in the world.

I have [had] Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1975 and I travel to many countries in the world: South Africa, Zimbabwe, USA, Israel, Danmark, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. In April [of] 1996, I am going to Australia to visit a world symposium about Rhodesian Ridgebacks. All this travel is only for one reason: to see the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Since 1991, I [have] point[ed] my eye to[wards] Vietnam and Thailand. You will read that I bought my first Thai Ridgeback in 1991. I was the first in Holland [with a Thai Ridgeback dog] and I think in Europe. I did two shows in 1994: one in Germany and one in Holland. But, now [that] everything is official with my papers I can go to champion[ship] shows and try to get my tickets.

Jack, please send me a fax as soon as you receive this letter. I hope to meet you someday. If I can save some money, I will go in November to Thailand again.

By for now - best regards,
Remon Mersmann

DATE: April 1994
Subject: Mah Lung Ahn

Dear Jack Sterling:

You asked for some information on the Mah Lung Ahn. I will send you some information you need to tell the American people of the Thai Ridgeback dog. You are a very good man to help Thailand tell the world of one of the many treasures in Thailand. The Thai people thank you, Jack Sterling, for all your concern in Thailand. We hope you will come back to Thailand some day. You must translate in your own words my statement on the Thai Ridgeback Dog. Your Friend,
Somsit Leelhausuwan


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