ATRA is an organization to serve, educate, protect, and preserve the Thailand Ridgeback Dog and to assist its owners and fanciers. We feel a good way to do this is to educate the public on the dog and it's history. Here are some stories written about people and their experiences with the TRD.

  bullet   History of the Thai Ridgeback Dog in Southeast Asia
  bullet   Thai Ridgeback Dog History
  bullet   A Breed Standard
  bullet   FCI Breed Standard
  bullet   Who Made The Thai Ridgeback Dog?
      By Jack Sterling
  bullet   The Thai Ridgeback Dog
      By Jack Sterling
  bullet   The Rarest Dog In America
      By Kate Wheeler
  bullet   The Primitive Ridgeback
      By S. Wannakrairoj, Ph. D.
  bullet   Analysis To Possible Genetic Relationship
      Between The Rhodesian Ridgeback and the
      Asian Ridgeback
      By Dr. L. J. Hellebrekers
      From Encyclopedia of the Dog   page 287
  bullet   Dermoid Sinus Cyst (DSC)
      by Jack Sterling
  bullet   Thai Ridgeback Dog in America
      by Jack Sterling

More to come! Please check back soon!

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