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in America
By Jack Sterling

Whenever someone sees a Thai Ridgeback Dog for the first time, they all say the same thing and then ask the same question. The first comment begins with a three letter word - "WOW!!! I've never seen a dog like that before." Then they ask that same question over and over no matter who the owner is. Every owner has been asked "the QUESTION" thousands of times.

Walk down any street, in any city, in America, with a Thai Ridgeback Dog, and people will come out of their homes, offices, and stores to ask you "the Question" ! Even people who live "on" the street will ask you "the Question." People who are rich and famous have asked me so many times I can't begin to count the stars. No TRD owner can escape "the Question"! As soon as you see people heading in your direction, you can bet they are about to ask "the Question."

"The Question" has been asked in many languages by thousands of people from all over the world, but in English and in America everyone wants to know...




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